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SKILL DEVELOPMENT MISSION OF INDIA (KDM) - 2007, towards Building Indian Engineering Capabilities at the grass roots level in Manufacturing Technology and Entrepreneurship.
RRR Industries onto Skill Development in CNC EDMing Manufacturing Technology Solutions.

RRR Industries onto Skill Development in Manufacturing Technology and Entrepreneurship through Small Industries Service Cooperative Consortium (SISCC) in Siddar, Karwar.




An Humble Educational efforts in Siddar, Karwar, to building Socio-Economic Capabilities by Mallikarjun Education Society (MES) is a ground reality in Karwar District, towards the achievement of:

•  UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),
•  President Dr. Kalam's “VISION 2020”.
•  Lading towards 11 th Five Years National Plan – “SKILL DEVELOPMENT” and
•  Responding to National Theme: ‘ Industrialised India can only be built by Indian Engineering Capabilities ”.

Mallikarjun Education Society (MES
) was established in the year 1965 in the most economically backward, remote and hilly area of Karwar taluka of Karnataka state, in India with specific emphasis of imparting Community Education and uplifting the people of this area socially and economically.

The MES has a infrastructure and network of institutions to catering the educational needs to youth of this area, and encourage them for sustainable education, as under.

•  Mallikarjun Boys High School Siddar.
•  Mallikarjun Industrial Training Centre, Siddar
•  Mallikarjun Pre-University Arts & Commerce College , Siddar,
•  Mallikarjun Girls High School , Siddar.
•  Mallikarjun First Grade Arts & Commerce College , Siddar.

Associated with Social Rehabilitation Centers for :

  1. Deaf and Dumb School and Rehabilitation Center , Siddar,
  2. Deaf and Dumb Hostel,
  3. Hostel for Boys studying Community Service Based Education,
  4. Hostel for economically poor Girls,

These institutions have realized the dreams of many aspiring youths for their economic livelihood and advancement. Thanks to the vision of Mr. Prabhakar Rane, a Teacher, an Educationist, Social Worker and a Former Minister for Education in Karnataka State , supported by like-minded people from Karwar.

MITC a Community Services Based Technical Education :

MES has started Mallikarjun Industrial Training Centre (MITC) in the year 1984. It is recognized by the Government of Karnataka and permanently affiliated to the National Council for vocational Training (N.C.V.T.) New Delhi Government of India . It has completed 23 years of fruitful existence. During these years MITC had maintained their highest standards of educational discipline and imparted good quality training in different trades.

Since the inception of MES / MITC, more than 2,000 young people from economically, hilly, tribal vicinity of almost 500 kms. taken the benefits and successfully completed their training and passed out for their livelihoods. MITC is very happy to place on record that, most of the MITCians passed out were on their self-employment, taken up the jobs in private, public undertaking companies, and also serving in abroad. MITS has been ranked as 100 percenter to creating job-oriented education .

LOOKING BEYOND and creating Professional and Technical Capabilities to support the National Projects in Karwar:

KARWAR a Port Town and passed by Konkan Railways is blessed by Major National Projects , like :

1. Nuclear Power Corporation Limited (NPCL), Kaiga,
2. Seven Stage Kali River Hydro Power Generation Projects in Kadra,
3. Sea Bird - a Naval Base Project, (INS KADAMBA ) a largest project in Asia under Phased Development in Karwar.
4. Ship Breaking / Ship Repairs, and a Commercial Port Activities,

MES / MITC, in Siddar are in a Locational Benefits :

These Projects are promising and potential Community growth oriented infrastructures, have displaced thousands of families under Project Displaced Communities, where MES / MITC are standing for their long term benefits and livelihoods. Siddar being situated at the most ideal location between these three Projects - NPCL, Kaiga, Kali River Projects, Kadra and INS Kadamba (siddar is located at the center of all these projects in a reach of 35 K.M. to the eastern direction and 25 K.M. to the western direction respectively). So to say, Siddar and all the Institutions are in the epicenter of all the large National Projects.

DUAL REACHOUT: Skill Development Training (SDT) and Small Industrial Service Co-operative Consortium (SISCC) in Siddar

Having established the Social and Edicational expertise, our Vision is to establish Skill Development Training Programmes in Tool –Room Activities and Sheet Metal Engineering, and Small Scale Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium (SISCC) , that will serve ITI Education and the National Projects. These programmes will not only provide opportunities to Project Displaced Communities, but largely will create a broad based educational platform for Skill Development and for self-employment through Community Based Service Education and prepare local Entrepreneurs to undertake industrial activities in Production and Manufacturing Technology applications.

BRIDGING THE GAPS – Skill Development and Services from Hi-End Technology Solutions :

  • Meeting the Dual Serving, Firstly, “Small Scale Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium” (SISCC) will thus, closely network with ITI Education (MITC) for Skill Development Programmes and serve to National Projects by providing Technical and Industrial Services from the local capabilities.
  • Secondly, to provide Expert Services and Technology Support on R & D activities and Hi-End Technology Solutions, the “Small Scale Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium” (SISCC) will develop cooperation and a network with reputed and proven ISO registered Hi-End Manufacturing Technology Solutions Centers operating in Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa and Belgaum / Hubli, etc., and draw the exclusive services.

Presently MITC have Four Main Government Recognised Trade Courses and other Job Orients Programmes as under:

1. Electrician,
2. Fitter,
3. Draftsman Civil,
4. Welder (Gas & Electric).
5. Computer Technique
6. Commercial Garments and design Making
7. Maintenance / Repair of electrical and domestic appliances
8. Library Science and Information.

The total students strength of the institution is 360 in number. The institution consists of 20 technical staff with good qualification, experience in industries and have drive for taking up any challenges in the profession and 13 Non technical staff. It has well equipped workshops building, Laboratory Class Rooms, and Library and all amenities. MITC also imparting training to the youth of Project Displaced Families under Sea Bird Project Scheme since 1998. Since then 360 students successfully completed their training and passed out. In the past also we had imparted 6 month training to the Land Affected Employees from Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd, Kaiga. MITC has developed a strong linkage with prominent Hi-End Technology Solution Centers and ISO Registered Companies in Karnataka, Goa and Maharastra State .

There are other Five Industrial Training Centre in Uttar Kannada District, all are located as far as more than 150 Km. away from the National Project areas.


It is reported that, the demand in Naval Base Project alone to the trained craftsman in various Trades, like: Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Tool and Dies and Tool - Maker etc , in the next 10 years will be about 10,000 people, that will be created from MITC's new programmes:

•  Tool-Room Process Engineering - Machinist and Mfg. of Dies and Tools,
•  Sheet Metal Engineering Technology Applications and Fabrication .
•  That apart, the Naval Base also looking for the service areas in Technical fields for Jobbing Work and Supply Sources through Entrepreneural Capabilities, which are indeed an encouragement for starting a local “Small Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium” (SISCC) for Project Displaced and Project affected People.

EQUIPMENT SUPPORT: Developing a “Small Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium (SISCC):

Under the Dual objectives, since SISCC is aiming to provide hi-end Technical Educational and Service Support to MITC for Skill Development to Educational Institution, and Technology Solutions to National Projects, it is proposed that, “Small Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium” (SISCC), to promote a CNC and Technology Equipment Based Center with Networking Cooperation, so that, National Projects operating in Karwar are fully supported for a sustainable operation and for keeping their socio-economic promises.  


An Appeal to Philanthropist / Industrialists / Donors / Sponsorers / Foundations / Corporate / Private Sector / Educationists:

As MITC and MES in Siddar are in the most economically backward, remote and hilly area of Karwar Taluka, and are the educational service providers to unaffordable lot of communities in the region, it is not affordable for MES / MITC to procure such a infrastructure, and equipment installations to strengthen the capacity and introduce New Trades, like: Tool-Room, Machinist, Die and Tools Mfg., and in Demand a “Small Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium” (SISCC), those are the essentials to develop local Entrepreneurs.

Hence the Educational Trust appeals to all the Philanthropists and Donors to extend their helping hands and make the “ Community Education Dream a Reality”. We are also looking for USED / RECONDITIONED Equipment that can go for Technical Educational Support and beyond.


The MES shall be too glad to recognize Donors Support / Sponsorships widely and as appropriate.
(MES is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 E.163 (KWR), and attract 80-G from Income-Tax).

  • Direct Funding Support for the Infrastructure Development,
  • Donor Supply of equipment for Tool-Room and Sheet Metal Shops ( looking for Used and Reconditioned Technology / General Purpose and CNC Equipment for exclusively EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE),
  • Equipment shall be installed to creating Small Scale Industries Set-ups for Developing under “Small Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium” (SISCC),
  • Equipment supply with Schemes under Government Subsidiary / Backward Area Development Schemes, etc., are invited with Bankers Support ( for Self – employment and Entrepreneurship Development and Cooperative Industrial Set-ups),
  • Sponsorship / Donor Support on New Equipment shall be given on a Special Merit.

  List of USED / RECONDITIONED Precision / CNC Technology Equipment is attached. Equipment could be sponsored / donated in Single or in Groups.


  • Your Participation with such lead organizations, like: MES, MITC, SDT, SISCC in Siddar, lead you to make your presence felt widely in Karwar, and for your involvement in Socio-economic and Business Development with on going National Projects.
  • Your Support gesture will automatically introduce your product range into an emerging potential market.

KARWAR was described in his book, by our Great Poet Shri Ravindranath Tagore, and is the Slogan of Tourism Department of Karnataka “ KARWAR IS KASHMIR OF KARNATAKA”.

RRR INDUSTRIES , is a ISO Registered, Hi-End CNC Manufacturing Technology Service Providers, are in Technology Excellence and Social Excellence since 1984, operating in Mumbai are closely attached to MES / MITC in Siddar, Karwar for their Capacity Development. Visit Web Site: ; e-mail ID: ; ;

RRR Industries, under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Technological Excellence (TE), are sharing their Manufacturing Technology Solutions with proposed Tool-Room – Tools and Die Manufacturing and Sheet Metal Engineering Technology Applications for Skill Development and to promoting a local “Small Scale Industrial Service Cooperative Consortium” (SISCC) in Siddar, Karwar.

Your support gesture shall be highly APPRECIATED and RECOGNISED AS APPROPRIATE .